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Introduction to Guitar Wood

Every piece of wood is unique. A good guitar must have good materials. Good materials do not necessarily have good sound. Only in the hands of skilled craftsmen can a good material truly reflect its value and make a good guitar. Otherwise, It's just a piece of wood.

Panel Material

Top materials generally include spruce and redwood. Because of their fine texture and excellent resonance, they have become the preferred wood for soundboards.
 Among spruce, Sitka and Engelman are the most common.

• Sitka Wood

Sitka wood is hard, has a long service life, and has good sound ductility. It is most ideal for use on steel string guitars. It has a wider range of sound when used on classical guitars. The sound is clear, bright and penetrating.

• Engelman Wood

Engelmann's density is closer to that of red pine, and its lightness has better resonance and louder sound effects. It is more suitable for expressing rich and complex timbres.
• Adriondack
Adirondack grows on the east coast of the United States. This material is light and hard, and has excellent sound quality. It was once widely used by Martin. His voice was very pleasant and unique. It was used to make excellent The guitar requires very little effort and its tone is comparable to what ordinary materials can achieve 20 years later.
Due to restrictions on logging, reserves are relatively small, expensive and materials are scarce.
 Cedar, with its natural reddish-brown color, fine and even texture, bright and warm sound, softer material, and more delicate sound performance, is the choice of many luthiers. The red pine guitar has a very good sound from the beginning, while the general spruce guitar will take a long time to achieve the sound of a new guitar. You can achieve a very good effect even if you don't use a lot of finger strength when playing.
Back and Side Panel Material
Rosewood, East Indian rosewood and Brazilian rosewood are the most common.
Rosewood has stable properties, continuous and straight wood, good resonance, relatively abundant resources, and is easy to process. The sound produced is very similar to Brazilian rosewood. It is a particularly ideal material. The wood is hard and has a brown-black texture. It comes out very beautiful. These characteristics make it irreplaceable in today's use. It has become everyone's consensus that a good soundboard will be equipped with rosewood material.

• Brazilian Rosewood

Brazilian rosewood has dominated the past 200 years because of its high density, beautiful texture and rich and perfect resonance. However, in recent years, logging has been restricted and resources are scarce, making it expensive and only used in some top-quality products.

• Mahogany

Mahogany is the second largest wood for guitar production. The sound of this material is very tense. Its bright and warm sound is its outstanding feature. The performance of treble and midrange is relatively good. The bass is loud and heavy.
Its shortcomings are that its light material, porous wood and matte paint process can give the guitar a good texture.
• Maple
Maple, unlike rosewood, has good absorbency. It has an excellent rebound effect due to its smooth wood quality.
Maple has better treble performance and is more suitable for use on guitars with larger cabinets. Large cabinets have better resonance, which can make the bass better, coupled with the bright and crisp echo characteristics, it is the choice of many jazz guitarists. s Choice.
• Hawaiian koa
Hawaiian koa (Koa), the richness of the tone is between mahogany and rosewood, and the texture is quite beautiful and high-end. Like Brazilian rosewood, logging is prohibited and it is extremely rare.

• Cocobolo

Cocobolo (Cocobolo), a guitar made from cocobolo, has a very rich and full sound, with wonderful overtones, full bass resonance, and ample volume.
People often compare it with Brazilian rosewood. This material is hard and Durable, the dark orange with black stripes is so pretty, a natural addition to a good guitar.

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